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Arriving in the North-East from Aberdeen via Ho Chi Minh City, Ian used a combination of enthusiasm and raw talent to convince next-door neighbour Andy to join him in his sonic conquest. A human turbine as well as a visionary songwriter, Ian provides Spacehawke with lead vocals and guitar.


Sure, he fixes electronics for a living but his secret? The most complicated electronics are hidden inside his skull. Yes, John is a robot. He is also drummer for Spacehawke and elevates their sound with his sweet, sweet harmonies.


Raised by wolves, Ben learned the secrets of the forest under the steel grey eyes of his lupine guardians. Now fully grown, he has devoted his life to curing sick people and infecting sick grooves. Ben has been referred to as Ludwig van Basshoven on at least one occasion.


You'd be forgiven for thinking that anyone with that much equipment must be compensating for something. The truth is more complicated: Andy gets a killer discount at Windows. Everybody benefits as he throws keyboard, guitar and vocals into the Spacehawke mix. He also drives a bright red sports car.